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BerryQuest International 2018 | Speakers – Dirk Prins
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Dirk Prins


Strategic business developer Soft Fruit at Priva, De Lier, The Netherlands


Dirk Prins works at Priva as a strategic business developer for the Soft Fruit market, delivering solutions that fit the specific needs of Soft Fruit growers. Having studied Electronics and Middle Management, Dirk joined Priva as a horticulture service engineer in 1989. He was involved in the development of the first water disinfection units of Priva and coordinated the service department for several years when he decided he wanted to work more closely with the customer. He became horticulture consultant for Priva in 2004 and focused on translating crop needs into computer controls, always striving to keep processes as simple as possible with maximum efficiency as a result.


Dirk was a consultant for major projects in The Netherlands, USA and Canada, working for companies like Nature Fresh Farms, Windset Farms, Sion Orchids and Anthura. From 2013 Dirk has been involved in several Berry projects in California. Direct input from the Soft Fruit growers he worked with, resulted in the development of the Moisture Balance Module. This module allows growers to be in control of the moisture level of the substrate.


Since 2016 Dirk is strategic business development manager for the Soft Fruit Market. Operating in greenhouses and open field, he translates his extensive experience in greenhouse controls to irrigation controls for the open field market. On behalf of Priva, he is involved in many initiatives in this field of expertise worldwide.