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BerryQuest International 2018 | Speakers – Dr Frank Greenhalgh
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Dr Frank Greenhalgh


Frank worked for the Department of Agriculture/Primary Industries in Victoria for 40 years in a number of roles, including research, delivery of plant health services, agribusiness, food policy and investment in research and development in horticultural, broad acre agriculture and fishery industries.  He started his career as a plant pathologist investigating the etiology, epidemiology and control of soil-borne diseases (especially those caused by Phytophthora species) of a wide range of horticultural and agricultural crops in Victoria and nationally.   As Manager of Client Services at the Institute of Plant Sciences, Burnley and the Institute for Horticultural Development, Knoxfield, Frank managed plant health services across plant industries.   The services included management of Pathogen-tested Schemes for production of healthy planting stock of horticultural crops, and of diagnostic, extension and communication services.


Frank is currently Chairman of the Victorian Strawberry Industry Certification Authority (VSICA), which is a Not-for-Profit organisation managing the Victorian Strawberry Runner Certification Scheme to deliver healthy runners to strawberry fruit growers in Australia.  VSICA also undertakes research and development to continually improve the Scheme and control diseases of strawberry fruit crops.